Monday, September 14, 2009

Why haven’t you attracted anything yet?

If law of attraction is the one and only scientifically proven law to attract your desires and needs, then why does 95% of the population struggle financially?

Surely, there can’t be any flaw in the universe’s most fundamental law.

Obviously, the flaw must be in us; we just have to unveil or unblock something so that we can fully utilize the law of attraction to its optimum power.

First let me go through what we are doing wrong.

There is a particular phrase that caught my attention and it was coined by a famous writer of spirituality articles named Laurie Brenner.
She said, “Most of us are spiritually constipated”.

I think what she meant was we are using still using the law of attraction but only in the opposite direction. Yes, we use the law of attraction to get what we don’t want to experience in our life.

I know all the talk about the movie called “Secret” and I personally feel there was too much hype about the movie. No doubt it was well made but it seems it didn’t change the life of everyone who appreciated the movie.

Ask all of those who have watched the “Secret” and they will swear this:
* I am thinking all the good thoughts;
* I am reading all the positive affirmations several times a day.

And they may also declare that nothing they prayed for has been manifested!


Obviously, there is a block. The block is standing in the way we actually have to vibrate in order for the law of attraction to bring positive results as expected. The block can’t be located physically. There are no medical instruments to locate and identify the block.

There is this big bold “NO” safely lodged in your subconscious mind and it can be dislodged and the path can be cleared.

So, is there a solution to clear this spiritual constipation?

Yes, you can listen to professionally made recorded messages that can take the “NO’ out, once and for all. They are called “Clearing Audios”.

These clearing audios are authored by the most respected spiritual marketing expert Dr. Joe Vitale and Pat O’Bryan. The Clearing for Money audio CD contains pleasant music mixed with the voice of Dr. Joe Vitale who has already mesmerized the world with his life transforming audio recordings.

I know for sure these audio recordings work miracles in the listener’s life as they are made based on proven sound technology that activate certain vibrations and unblock all the negative beliefs.
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An insightfull post. Will definitely help.

Karim - Positive thinking