Sunday, August 30, 2009

What stops you from achieving your goal?

We all have new ideas every now and then. And it keeps coming back whatever poor attention you are giving it to-right?

So, what does it mean? What should be your action?
You need to give life to that idea by first listening to it seriously and take it to your contacts whose wisdom you believe in.

Or, if you feel you are wiser, give more attention to it. Then, the idea itself will reveal your next step.

See, I have gone through this several times in my life and it was I who wrote the death sentence to my own creativity.

Get the tentativeness out of you; implement what your inner voice speaks to you. Explore new horizons and you will start moving ahead.

Else, you will stay where you are and you will cursing the bad times, ill-luck and what not!

You got my point?
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Anonymous said...

Very Good post on Law of attraction.

karim - Positive thinking