Friday, July 24, 2009

If wealth is not money...?

We have all heard the oft repeated cliche, "Money is not everything". Surely, we would have also dismissed the idea as something absurd.

A couple of times, I confronted the persons who said that cliche, why they said it? Because I always held the idea that wealth is more than money, I was curious to know what was the premise on which it is said that "Money is not everything".?

No answer on that front.

Ok, then what is considered as wealth? In general terms, those who live a rich life backed by fat bank balance are considered as wealthy-right?

Am I wealthy?

But I live in a big house not owned by me;
I have what I want but I don't have a fat bank balance. In fact, what is lying in my bank is not even worth mentioning here;
I have ti me to go out with friends;
I listen to music;
I pursue my spiritual leanings daily;
I eat three times a day;
I sleep that is enough for my body constitution.

Now, tell me, will you consider me as wealthy or not?
If you think I am wealthy, then how do I have all the signs of wealth without the big money?

The secrets of reality creation can be yours too.
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John said...

By using the Law of Attraction making money seems too easy.