Friday, June 05, 2009

How to use affirmations properly?

A poll in the Internet revealed the following purposes for which affirmations are most used.

Getting out of debt or building wealth
* Attracting a perfect partner
* Getting that promotion or starting your own business
* Finding the inspiration to write that best-selling book
* Lose those extra pounds or staying motivated to exercise
* Affording your dream home

Another poll revealed that more than 70% of people reported that affirmations didn't work for them.

How affirmations work for some desired results for most of the people?

Are they including something or missing vital aspects while chanting the affirmations?

From my experience as a personal coach on law of attraction, subconscious mind power and using affirmations effectively, I have concluded that belief is the sole factor that is affecting the result of affirming. If you say affirmation, or use those subliminal programs to insert affirmations in your subconscious mind directly, you should very firmly believe that you get the end results. Belief alone can lead you to your goals.

We all know how a metal is attracted to magnet. What is the basis of this attractor factor? Yes you know it is the existence of magnetic field.

Do we have that as human beings?

You bet! It is our feelings that have all the attributes of a magnetic field. Using our feelings alone, we can attract our desires and there is no exception.

Now think again how you can use affirmations mingled with strong feelings of belief that you are attracting the purpose of your affirmations.

Practice it; use it. You will be taking confident strides and in no time, you too can become a guide to others like me.

If you strongly believe in the process, you can’t fail. I assure you. The law of universe assures that.

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