Friday, May 22, 2009

Subconscious programming starts with judgment release

One critical factor often overlooked or not well understood is the nature of the subconscious field of energy.

The subconscious is magnetic, not electric. It is the feeling-attracting part of the whole self, not the thinking-doing part. Non-vibrating judgment that we make about ourselves becomes magnetically locked in the subconscious, where it then slows, warps, or altogether stops the vibration rate of portions of the subconscious energy field.

Lifetime after lifetime of self-judgments stuck in our subconscious are precisely why we cannot instantly manifest our desires. We are trying to attract with a magnetic field that we have programmed for failure and heart-break by repeatedly judging against ourselves. We are caught in a self-defeating spiral.

Healing/ programming approaches that work well with electrical energy fields (the conscious and unconscious minds) will not be effective in the subconscious. Programming/healing the subconscious is a matter of resolving and removing the self-judgments that block the flow of energy-emotions through the chakras.

No amount of programming over and/or around these self-judgments will suffice. We must choose to let go of them and then replace them with unconditional love. When we let go of any self-judgment, the vibration rate of our total energy field automatically rises and we automatically heal because we are just that much more loving and less judgmental toward self.

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