Monday, April 20, 2009

How to get easy solutions for your problems?

This is for real and only hours old. These things happen in my life very regularly. I am sharing it here with you only to tell that such things are happening in your life too as often as in my life. The only difference is that you might fail to notice (or not willing to share).

Some might notice the oddity but may not give credit to the 'Miracle'.

I have sent a bankers cheque to Thirupathi Devastanam to book a special darshan to be availed on 28th July 2009. This money was sent nearly four months back.

Two days before, I dug out my correspondence with the devastanam and placed it on my computer table and decided to do something about it. The money was decently big to be concerned about.

Only today morning, when I returned from Bangalore, I saw that paper lying noticeably on the table. I was talking with my husband on how to follow this up and resolve the issue as I have not heard anything from the devastanam.

After a couple of hours, I received a snail mail which when I opened greeted me with the money I sent to the devastanam. They regretted their inability to accommodate us for the special darshan I paid for and returned the cheque uncashed.

So what this reveals?
Things work out easily but unpredictably once you set up the intention. You don't have to break your head on many issues as to how to resolve them. All you have to do is set up your intention for an amicable solution without decorating it with your schemes and plans.

The cosmic force will present you the solution; rather it will just solve it for you in a way that would not have been a part of your schemes and plans.

There are other ways too which we don't know but God knows. He is our friend, father, mother and teacher; trust him.

Our plans won't work but God's will.

What I wish to tell?
If there is a long pending matter that you wish to end with a pleasant note, displace the related paper or notes to another place where your eyes can see them clearly. See the result in less than
a few days.

Well Done
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Avatar said...

Thanks for sharing. I learned the valuable lesson from reading your post. It's better to rely on God's power/will rather than our own. Life's unpredictable. :)

Malathy said...

Thank you Avatar. We blog on similar lines. Shall we exchange blog review?