Saturday, March 21, 2009

A handbook of dreams and fortune telling!

Never once in my blog post I have given indication that I am a believer in knowing what is in store in future. I never consulted any fortune teller, a palmist or an astrologer.

I believe in one this very firmly:
"Whatever happens in my life is for my own good only as the divine sees fit". So, what is he point in trying to know what is going to happen?

Still, I received a gift yesterday a paperback entitled, "A Handbook of Dreams and Fortune-Telling"

So, what is in this book that can interest me?
If I dream of standing in a carpeted room, that should be interpreted as an indication of coming riches. My God! So much, it is better I keep my belief to myself.

I intend to gift this book to one of my husband's friends who is mad about these life mysteries.
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