Friday, January 23, 2009

A new visitor to my husband's blogging academy turned to be an voracious reader of spiritual and self development books and guides. My husband's face lit up to 1000 Watts.

The visitor was given a free time to browse through my husband's personal library of self development and spirituality books. They both started discussing about various books and totally forgot about the visitor's purpose which was to inquire about the various training courses on blogging.

Then the subject as anticipated steered towards the 61 e-books on self development that my husband started promoting online. He advertises the the complete collection as
"The Greatest Library of Self Help, Success & Spiritual eBooks ever Written".

The collection includes these all time favorites:
As a man thinketh by James Allen
Acres of Diamond by Russell H. Conwell
Thoughts of Vibration
by William W. Atkinson

I thought the visitor would be tempted to buy the collection but he ended up as a trainee in my husband's blogging academy.
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