Monday, December 08, 2008

How to get the answer from your spirit guides?

I was narrated an incident yesterday by a friend of my husband. He just gained basic knowledge on how to call his spirit guides. He tested a few times and he was full of glee that his spirit guides answered his calls.

On his last meeting with his spirit guides, he sought their advice on something he was planning to do. He was disappointed that his spirit guides did not respond.

I told him his questions were wrongly worded. He was not aware that spirit guides will not make your decisions for him. Sure, they will offer their opinions and advice if you ask for it, but they will NOT tell you what to do. The final decision should always be yours.

My husband’s friend then asked me how to get the best out of his spirit guides.

I told him to rephrase his question: “If you were in….; if you were offered…; if you were informed…, what would be your …..?

He immediately recognized the smartness in the modified approach. He thanked me a lot and went off hopefully.

I hope his spirit guides conveys their appreciation for me.

Courtesy to Google Images for the image of Spirit guide in this blog.
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Anonymous said...

nice post. Have you read "One Night at the Call Center"? its really inspiring book by Chetan Bhagat

Malathy said...

No, is it interesting?

Sophei Boswell said...

You are so right about beople being afraid to change and grow...
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cheers, Sophie Boswell (author)