Monday, November 03, 2008

How to step out of a random, chaotic universe?

This question won't be asked by anyone under the age of 40. For them, this chaotic universe is pulsating with life and verve. They dare not think how life will be without all the excitement they are currently experiencing.

But this question, "How to get out of this chaotic and polluted universe" will slowly surface and dominate the thoughts of many who have crossed 40 years. This will be more so and become an obsession when they cross 50 years.

For them, there is an answer for questions like these:
How will your life change as you find out about the true nature of our universe, and how it responds to the desires of your heart?

Choose to take part in rejuvenating the entire planet while also Creating What You Want!
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1 comment:

Simple Rishi said...

Very very true.I remember when I was under forty I used to have the same excitement about life. With the passage of time my priorities have also changed.
Thanks for sharing another nice post.
God bless.