Wednesday, October 15, 2008

There is an old Tamil song that goes on to say that if whatever we think happens in real life, then there can be no God. It implies that if we manifest whatever we think, then, there is no necessity for God.

The problem is it is very true that whatever we think will manifest. It is the law of universe. No exceptions. Then why do I call it a problem?

Because, we think not always that what we want to happenin our life; we give more thoughts on what we don't want. We have developed this deplorable quality of thinking/contemplating /rehearsing failures and as per the law of universe, that also is experienced by us.

Can we develop the habit of thinking only what we want to happen in our life?
Yes, we can.
But how to drop negativity?
How do you drop a piece of hot coal?

There is another fool proof method that I am following and seeing immediate positive results. I wish for others that I want to experience in my life such as health, wealth, peace and love. In essence, It is easy for me to think on what good things to happen to my friends' and relatives' lives. Here, I don't find myself inserting catastrophic events.

The law of cause and effect is thus activated and it goes to work and bring me what I wished for others.

See, isn't it easy? Try it brother and you will see immediate results.
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