Friday, September 26, 2008

How to raise your current vibration?

The most simplest way to raise current vibration is to first want it to be raised and express the same through your spoken and written words. If everything in this universe is only vibration, then, the words also carry the vibration of the author of the words.

A sample experiment:
Q: "How are you?"
A: " Just great" instead of the banal "fine" or "Ok, life is going on".
Observe your mood after you try this and also watch the vents of the day.

All the books you read, the words in them carry the intention and the vibration of the author. That's why, you feel motivated, inspired, pensive when you read spirituality related books or articles.

Today, I read an article on this same topic by Keith Varnum "Tell a Better Story about Yourself".
The author echoed my views and here is an excerpt:"If you carefully observe the vibration you're in at any given moment, and then notice the events that occur soon afterwards, you'll get a sobering demonstration of the dynamic creative muscle of your everyday words in action."

Here is a superb observation and inference:

The Universe Is Listening.

"Every time someone asks us, How ya doing? it's also the Universe asking, What will you have? What do you want today to be like?"

I feel the above tips is sufficient for all of us to think again before saying anything.

I thank Al Diaz for having published the quoted article in his newsletter.

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