Friday, September 19, 2008

Did you get the message?

I am deeply inspired and moved by an article by Al Diaz and based on that, I am writing this blog post.

There are certain things that keep recurring in our life; events, incidents and experiences which we would not have wished, might have occurred repeatedly.

We might have carefully watched over our thoughts, stayed fully on positive thoughts only, wished no harm to any one or any creature, must have been leading a compassionate life but still…

We might be fervently wishing for better turn of events and conditions but why it is not so?

Then we must grasp and digest a fact that there is something the universe is trying to tell us. There is surely a hidden purpose for the ‘not so desired’ experiences and conditions in our life.

Al Diaz says there is a reason why the same old stuff resurfaces and it is telling you to wake up!!!

There is no use to get angry at the circumstances, no use blaming others; it is not bad luck at all.

So, what should be done?

It is time you invest in your Self. Listen to your inner voice. Read new books; cultivate new habits; change your routine; reach out for new friends. Do something totally new to you!

Al Diaz has concluded his article in such a manner that it hit me hard and square and here it is: “If you decide to do nothing or very little, I still honor your path, and I still Love you as you are… The same goes if you fulfill the greatness that you already are.”

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