Monday, July 14, 2008

How to communicate with your spirit guide?

To learn to communicate with your spirit guides, the first eligibility is to believe in them. They exist for you and for you alone. Wait, don't misunderstand; they exist for everyone and what I mean is everyone is born with one spirit guide certainly but in some cases, there are two spirit guides.

Their purpose is to guide you through this life of physical experience. Before you have decided to come into the physical world of form, you were also a spirit and lived with other spirits of similar attitudes and aspirations that you carried with you when you left your last body.

These spirit guides that stay close to us will guide us through indications, intuitions and hunches. Don't mistake spirit guides as angels as angels were never born in bodies whereas spirits have taken several births in this planet earth.

To communicate with your spirit guides, you don't have to do anything but still your mind and fill you up with the light of the spirit through meditation and visualization. It is usually a white light that you have never seen so far.

Once you feel the light, you can ask questions and ask for answers always in the form of yes or no. If you are sure your mind is not filled with other thoughts, you will most clearly hear their yes or no in your head.

You may not succeed at first but with persistence and belief, you will find it easy.
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