Monday, August 17, 2009

How to cope up in difficult situations?

A normally quiet person that I know of was shocked out of her wits yesterday evening when she was attacked by a total stranger.

But somehow she remembered several of life coaching lessons and stayed calm in the nick of the time; else she would have either panicked or retorted.

She called me the next day and narrated the incident and how my words have helped her tackle the predicament she was put into.

I repeat them here for everyone's sake.
* You are never far away from your spiritual guide that has been living with you since * you were born.
* The situations that you face that are not to your liking were created only to prepare you and educate you and definitely not to hurt you or endanger you.
* Remember the great forces of nature that exist without any strain or stress and that force is always within you. Rather, you are also made up of that energy.
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