Thursday, February 07, 2008

You can't get it all.

Somewhere in early forties, we all tend to measure our remaining days and seriously start preparing to accumulate wealth and relationship for the rest of our lives. Till that time, we have been enjoying our life happily and care free. Ironically, when we start preparing for the rainy days after 40, we also stop living -rather stop enjoying the moment.

"Ok, do you mean to say that the actions or preparation that we do after 40-should not be carried out?"

It is a question I ask myself and am still trying to find the correct answers. But one thing I am sure of and I guess many will agree on this that we definitely start preparing to leave this body. "After I die, what will happen to my family"-is the main reason for our contemplation of life after 40.

To some extent, I have an answer; rather, God gave me an answer. He pivoted me 360 degrees towards religion and made me undertake a religious ritual by which I surrendered everything at the feet of God.

Now I am at peace knowing that God will take care of my family and in fact, he has been doing exactly that all these years. Only I was under the wrong notion that I have been taking care of my family.
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