Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Are you in the personal development list.

Hi visitors. Thanks you for dropping by. May I assume that you also maintain a blog on similar topic? If so, and if you are not yet included in network of blogs on personal development, please go to Priscilla Palmer's blog and follow the instructions accordingly.

And if you are already in the list, there is some change made by Priscilla and as per the change, you need to claim your blog in order to be included in the updated list.

I quote her:
"Now, in order to make this list function to it’s full capacity I need to ask all of you who are already on the list to claim your blog using this link . "

I just did it and it was smooth. Thank God I found time today to visit her after a long time. New comers who are going to read her blog for the first time, may not return to this blog because Priscilla's blog can be your last search on anything spiritual. She is just too good.
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