Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Does spirituality mean poverty?

It is quite probable that the question arose after seeing the life of ascetics and sadhus. But they are not spiritual leaders altogether; they lead more a life of religious penance.

There is this confirmed misconception that those whose life is in the transition stage-from materialistic to spiritualistic, always face financial shortage.

I happen to read an article in Cosmic Lighthouse on this subject and that's why I am writing my thoughts here. They have attributed a seemingly valid reason for spiritual leaders or spiritual healers living a life in poorly conditions.

I quote them below:
"...underselling their services and abilities and denied themselves the luxuries of life that they richly deserve. Believing that to be spiritual they cannot charge more than the minimum of fees or in some cases even giving their services away."

Again this is a question of varying concept. I believe that the so called spiritual powers were gifted to them from the universe. They mostly would not have spent a fortune to get these healing powers like medical practitioners. So, it is quite possible that they believed in giving things away freely that were given to them freely.

Can anyone bother debate on this?
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