Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Capella wins Minnesota Tekne Award.

It has been raining cats and dogs in Madras since last two days. There is water everywhere. In spite of the inclement weather, a few students attended my class.

As I have just completed my M. Phil through online education and awaiting result, one student wanted to know what topic I have chosen. I told her that I browsed through various topics offered by the Capella University in their PhD program in Education and I chose ‘Higher Education Administration” as my topic. I intended to do my PhD in he same subject.

I told the student about the Capella University that won the Minnesota Tekne Awards in the Technology User category.

It is my duty to tell you about the “TECHNOLOGY USER Award”. It is awarded for innovative application of products or services resulting in dramatic business improvement or market advantage. The award is presented by the Minnesota High Tech Association ( in partnership with LifeScience Alley and Minnesota Technology, Inc.

All my students were quite impressed when I told them that the Capella University’s online Information Technology program is among the first completely online IT curriculums in the nation.

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