Sunday, November 04, 2007

Web Loyalty pays you $.50 to $2.00.

The ‘you’ in the title is referred to any e-commerce site. In other words, any site that sells something to people.

‘Web Loyalty’ refers to, the leading provider of technology-based, online marketing services.

How do you like this statistics for sample?
It supplies approximately two million subscribers with reward, discount and protection programs. That is pretty good and it indicates that webloyalty is a wealthy company, serves a great number of shopping sites and a truly a leader in this unique field.

I suspect they face no competition.

Consumers benefit from high value subscription services that match their needs and interests. Webloyalty clients - over 150 e-commerce and travel sites - benefit from increased revenue and repeat purchases.

The latest press release about says, “WEBLOYALTY CONTINUES STRONG GROWTH…”

Webloyalty generates new revenues for its clients by rewarding customers who make purchases. It prides itself on the impressive returns it gains for its clients and the unmatched service it offers their customers.

Click on the link above to know about strategic alliance with General Atlantic LLC, a leading global private equity firm providing capital for growth companies driven by information technology or intellectual property.

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