Thursday, November 15, 2007

Do you believe in ghosts?

The human spirit travels to the world of spirits after relinquishing its body on the earth.

It enters a world where it is surrounded by like minded souls. I should rather say souls with similar vibrations than like minded as spirits do not have a mind.

If someone dies due to suicide or accident, the soul sometimes lingers around the family it lived because it is yet to reconcile to the fact that it has shed its body.

Some may sense its presence and call it a ghost. The soul is nothing but an energy, an extension of God and as such, it can't bring harm to anyone. If a person says that he/she has earned the wrath of a ghost, it is because the person willed himself to such a state. He/she has been programming the mind for a long time either consciously or unconsciously for an such an experience.

If God has created everything and if God is good, then how can a God create something we call as evil?
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