Saturday, October 20, 2007

Tap into your potential.

I am at present reading the life changing book ‘Ask and it is given’ by the Hicks couple. Today, I thought I could write on that here but I changed my mind at the last moment and decided to visit the next blog on the list of Personal Development Blogs.

I happened to click on Monk at Work by Adam Kayce. The moment I landed on it, I liked it very much. I have fallen in love with monk image.( I will not disclose this to the monk)

The tag lone goes like this:

"Providing you with tools to tap into your potential.

Monk at Work is here to help you become clear on the purpose and meaning behind your work, so you can attract and serve the people who love what you do."

I read the post, "Recipe for Success; Wear Good Shoes". I enjoyed the article and his view about practical spirituality.

I quote:

"I didn’t leave the worldly to experience the spiritual. Instead, I allowed the spiritual to form the basis of how I went about the worldly. "

Very well said and yes, it is practical spirituality.

If you have not yet bought this book, buy it now.
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