Monday, August 06, 2007

Your thoughts are not private.

If you believe that your thoughts are exclusive yours, then you are in a big illusion.

Once, a thought emanates from your mind, it is no longer yours and becomes public. It embeds itself in the universal collective mind where it is surely picked by others who are invariably vibrating at a frequency matching yours.

This is science and pure science based on the quantum theory where everything in this universe is nothing but pure invisible energy. And we know that energy in any variation is available to all.

Once, our thoughts join the universal mind, it remains there forever and that is why it said that we pass on our thoughts for generations to come. That is how we can still pick up the thoughts of Einstein, Socrates or any one's we admire, provided we want to pick their thought energies.

OK, how do we pick up then?
Wayne Dyer says, "one doesn't dwell upon this process nor one struggles to get the answers but one trust this process to higher creative thoughts."

This means, you must first want to pick the thought energies of Socrates and then just let go and let God.

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