Saturday, August 25, 2007

Where Angels dare.

Slightly brushing quantum theory here, what we perceive as the solid earth is in reality not so.
It is only a subatomic energy particles moving at very high speed and appear to be solid because of our observation which is very slow when compared to the the speed of subatomic(quantum) particles.

Now let us move on with the above perception in the back of our mind.

"Where Angels Fear to Tread" is a book by Alex J. Morrey postulates a revolutionary new understanding of what we perceive as the universe, the world in which we live. This means that we (humanity) created what we perceive and think of as the ‘physical’ reality of the universe.

What we are actually perceiving is a shared Universal Belief within the collective mind of humanity: a collective dream-like world. The reason why it seems so solid, having mass and inertia, requires a different understanding of the electrostatic field, among other things.

Persons who already have some understanding of the quantum physics will get the point that the above book drives and may even buy that book.

For new entrants in the spiritual world, the idea of collective human consciousness will throw them off balance.
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