Friday, August 24, 2007

Search an apartment by map.

A sudden change of heart at the last minute gave my relative a chance to study abroad. So, at last, her dream of studying in America is going to be realized. I think she is very fortunate to have been admitted in East Los Angeles College.

So what is the next move for her? She has to find a place to live and for that I suggested to locate a suitable place near by her college. I helped her search in the internet, a reliable real estate company that offers the facility to search by college and we ended up on

It took us about 10 minutes to browse through los angeles apartments and select one that fit the budget. All she could afford was a rent of $500 per month and we were able to get a single bedroom apartment near her college for slightly more than $500.

The website is a great boon for students of other nations who are going to the U.S. for higher studies because their map-based and keyword searches deliver results fast with photos, tours, floor plans and more.

Not only for students but also for those who are relocating to another state, this website has got thousands of apartment listings in great cities all over the country.

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