Friday, August 17, 2007

Be mindful of the food you eat.

When I was only 4 years old, my father took me to his friend's house for tea. I was let to play with the children of the house.

When the time came for tea, I was called in and asked first to wash my feet and hands. This was new to me but I obeyed.

Then I noticed a strange sight. I saw the people in that house close their eyes for a moment with cookies in their closed fist. After a few seconds (that seemed like an hour to me), they opened their eyes and started eating the cookies first followed by tea.

On the way back home, I asked my father about the incident and he told me that they were thanking the God for the eatables on their table. I could not understand anything out of it.

Three days before, I was reading Dr.Wayne Dyer. In order to raise one's spiritual energy field, he has written several steps and one which is being mindful of the food you eat. Recognize the effort of farmer who cultivated the wheat for the bread we eat, the work of the transporter who bought the grain and took it to the grains dealer to sell, the business of the grains merchant, the effort of the bakers to bake this bread. This is what he meant about being mindful of the food we eat and what it took to reach your plate.

The implications have fully sunk in and I noticed tear drops in my eyes.
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Milos said...

Hi Malathy! Greetings.
Yeah, I think you are right. But there's another aspect to it, I would say. The health aspect. I, when I eat, am trying to be mindful of what am I eating and how good for me that really is. That's important, too. ;)