Thursday, July 26, 2007

Perfect wedding anniversary gift.

“I will definitely remember to send a memorable gift for your 22nd wedding anniversary”, promised my brother. It is very unlike of him to express his love so openly. He never so far gifted me on any occasion.

I knew that he is not internet savvy but I don’t know how he managed to shop online. I was pleasantly surprised over his choice of a gift basket loaded with chocolates. Then he admitted that he sought the help of a stranger in a public internet center to buy online from

He informed me that he was speechless when he looked at the wine gift baskets, snack gift baskets and sweets gift baskets at their website. It seems he had a tough time selecting the gift but finally he had to order one within his budget.

This is what he sent to me. Magnificent, isn’t it?

I could never forget the taste of Chocolate Cherries that are tender dried cherries drenched in milk chocolate and a cherry fruit pastel coating. Simply the finest chocolate cherries in the world!

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