Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A natural beauty’s choice.

One of my old students recently joined a television channel as an anchor for a few entertainment shows.

She is a natural beauty. Initially, she was ill at ease for being tagged along by the youth of her age. But, may be, all that extra attention helped her in facing the camera successfully.

Before her selection and screen test, she sought my advice on several things like dialogue delivery, accent, dress etc. Though I am in no way qualified to offer suggestions on things she sought, she approached my because of my internet experience.

I brought to her attention on some important aspect of her gait and posture and how, wearing certain inner garments can project her figure in a nice way. I made her to buy the Conturelle Provence, a charming, feminine bra that will provide excellent lift and support, and is also extremely comfortable at the same time. She caught my point immediately because when she wore that bra, it allowed for a nice cleavage presentation.

Since then, I am told that several female colleagues bought Prima Donna Bras online though their choices were different from each other. Girls in this generation are sharp-aren’t they?

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