Thursday, July 05, 2007

Common Aptitude Test for MBA aspirants.

Everyone who is aspiring to join MBA degree program are required to take this entrance test. And to perform in this test, private coaching centers are opened and in one such coaching institute, I enjoined my son by paying a big fee.

Like any youth, he soon lost interest and discontinued the training program. So I lost that money. I can surely say many parents sail in the same boat.

“Is there a way can I join an online mba program and get a degree from a foreign university?” asked my son. Now I understand his reason for not continuing his coaching program. He really do not have time to commute and study.

Pursuing an MBA degree online makes the most sense for the career, academic, and personal goals of many learners. Capella University provides an expansive network of academic advisers, career counselors, and learning resources to help support the success of the university's more than nearly 18,000 learners.

I requested a university guide from Capella and I hope it will inspire my son to take up that online MBA course.

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