Thursday, June 28, 2007

Learn home gardening.

The picture depicts bell peppers. Isn't it a fantastic sight? Beautiful.

Well, if you like the picture and want it to be real in your garden, then you may read on.
I love home gardens but only lack time to grow a proper one. We have a few flowering plants but they are all grown into trees now that don't require any more personal attention. Nature takes care of them and I enjoy the fruits or I should rather say I enjoy the flowers.

Gardening requires patience more than the knowledge. I lack both but I can appreciate gardens with any kind of plants.

I have bookmarked Earthly Garden that is going to be very useful to me and to you as well.

" is all about simple ideas for creating your own earthly paradise, no matter how large or small. Real stories about real gardens and people who love gardening. Organic, natural, safe gardens for nature, humans and the environment. Tips, information, links, questions-and-answers, short articles, garden book reviews, old-fashioned wisdom."

That was about the blogger Susan Mcneil in her own words. Thank you Susan.
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