Saturday, June 30, 2007

I surrendered.

So, at last, I surrendered at the lotus of feet of God (Lord Vishnu).

To attain this state of mind, several writers helped me. I can point out Dr. Wayne Dyer, Eckhart Tolle and The Mother. I owe my fullest gratitude to all of them.

Another person who was instrumental for my surrender is Mr. Kannan, my husband's cousin. He narrated great many truths in Hindy mythology and the importance of surrender. He is a Vice President of a Pharamcaeutical firm.

So, the previous Sunday, I and my husband took Baranyasam (Prabatti) with the assistance of family religious leader Srimad Andavan.

Baranyasam means laying down all our aspirations, desires and concerns at the feet of God and dedicate the results of all our actions and deeds to the God.

Believe it friends, a deep sense of calmness has descended on both of us. A blissful peace is being experienced right now.

I chant "Namo Narayana" and immediately feel the peace and calm.
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