Friday, June 29, 2007

Discover your soul.

Discovering your soul-discovering oneself is man's foremost goal. Sages are doing penance mainly to discover who they are and what is their purpose of life in this earth.

Hindu religion always encourages us to look in and merge with our creator. There are several methods to discover our soul and meditation is the most the productive method.

Eckankar, teaches that life follows a natural order. This lifetime is a precious chance to reawaken to your true identity. If you have a strong desire to find a better, more direct way to God, read Is Life a Random Walk? The truth you seek may be at your fingertips.

His website offers free-books-and-information packet in several languages and includes special information for many countries. Through these books Eckankar teaches spiritual exercises to help us connect with the Light and Sound of God, for a richer, happier life.
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