Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Close your mind and allow cosmic force.

Confused? Here, let me make it clear.

Suppose you are now badly in need of a solution to a vexing problem. So what is your immediate action? You start thinking about all sorts of solutions and spend time totally for that but at the end you will be frustrated with yourself for not coming out with a solution.

You are not alone man, I am with you so far.

While trying to work out a way, we applied all our limited knowledge without realizing that we can literally ask for a solution from the cosmic energy. It is readily available for us.

But for that energy to enter our mind, we must make way for it-right? But we are filling our mind with our own thinking and where is the room for other forces to enter?

Yes, now I see you are beginning to understand what I am trying to convey! Let God's plan work for you by throwing out your master(?) plan.
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