Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The power of gratitude.

Taking things for granted is human attitude. Let us take that attitude for granted.

But that doesn't mean that the attitude is correct. It needs to be changed. Let me explain why.

In daily routine, several events occur that we name as coincidences. But it is not so. Nothing happens in this world by accident. Every situation, event or circumstance is attracted by our habitual thinking only.

When good things happen, we call it a miracle and when it is not so, we lament on our bad luck or bad time.

When good things happen we again don't question how and why it happened; we just take credit for that or call it a miracle. We simply fail to recognize the work of God behind it and promptly forget to express our gratitude.

Of course, God doesn't expect you to say thanks to him. But when genuinely feel gratified and say it so, we are in vibrational harmony with the universal force and we naturally attract more good things in life.

We all enjoy so many good things daily. For all these goodness, repeat this word as many times as possible in day. " Thank you father for my wealth"

Now it is time for me to say "Thank you Wayne Dyer".
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