Friday, May 04, 2007

Being there!

Over the course of 3 months, I think I have become some sort of a living reference for my friends and online contacts on the digital tools for mind growth.

Even I lost count on the number of e-books I stored and the newsletters that I subscribed to.
Mind boggling material I have collected to relax my mind. What an irony!

OK, here is one more Personal development with a twist. Learn how to get personal power to fulfill your true purpose in live by Being There; know what you are meant to be and live your life to a full your potential. (BTN) is a website that offers comprehensive and profound material about the pursuit of Higher Consciousness, and how to apply this awareness in everyday life.

Many people mistake awareness for consciousness. Consciousness is the soul of any reality, it is its essence. When you have consciousness you are using your heart, your intuition, or your faculties of knowing that transcend the mind. Heart, intuition and these other faculties exist in the realm of soul.

Enough said! I learnt all these again from a newsletter I received from is a unique website. Just take a look and make a comment here.

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