Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Best possible protection.

I don’t know about other countries but in India, women of any class or creed protect themselves against any social injustice and financial insecurity by stocking up Gold and Silver at every opportunity that presents itself.

Very wise women of India-don’t you agree?

At one stage in my life, I had a crush on diamonds but traditionally, some diamonds are said to bring misfortune and I too was a victim once. So I shifted my alliance to the age old Gold and modern silver.

Since I am not an expert in testing the authenticity of Gold, I buy it from a professional and certified coin dealer such Monex, the trusted precious metal house in the world. You may wonder why I buy coins of Gold or Silver and why not Gold bars! Simply because of storage convenience, I always prefer bullion coins.

Now the times are changed. Monex even offers to store your purchases in a separate bank fully insured. Please be informed of many investment experts’ view that silver, and specifically us silver coins, presents an outstanding investment opportunity. Monex prides itself on having the best us silver coin prices and programs in the silver coin industry.

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