Thursday, March 08, 2007

The power of color therapy.

Speaking about various energy therapies, I would like share with you about color therapy.

I have dwelled in several energy therapies that include Reiki, Rune, breathing etc but this is the first time I hear about color therapy.

"Color Therapy is a method of using good holistic, alternative medicine in the treatment of many diseases. Our bodies have a natural ability to balance themselves. When we are ill, one or more of our systems is out of balance. The body can use color to assist in bringing back that balance."

We all know that colors vibrate at different frequencies. Our eyes take the light (color) that we see and convert it. It becomes a kind of energy. This energy will then travel though our nervous system, affecting all of our body's functions.

Emotions and moods can be affected by color. Red is the color of self-confidence and power. To wear a bright red outfit takes self-assurance. But can our self-assurance be increased just by wearing red? Yes! The colors we see or wear or even the colors of the food we eat affect our mood and emotions.

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