Saturday, March 10, 2007

A self development forum.

My years of wait are over at last. I have been longing to find one forum that discusses every aspect of spirituality and various types of healing and energy therapies.

Self Development Forum is the exact one that fits my expectations. The moment I saw it, I registered without a second glance.

Sub forums discuss Subliminal, NLP, Binaural beats, hypnotherapy, relaxation audio cds, affirmware, brain bits etc. Every thread is contributed by interested members from every part of the world which adds depth to the topic.

And there is an interesting sub forum on my favorite subject "Lucid dreaming". Knowledgeable discussion is going on Brain Wave Synchronization, Silva method, Sedona method and theta binaural.

Bookmark this forum friends. Interact with more than 1300 members. Share and pass it on.

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