Thursday, March 22, 2007

Get rid of fruit flies.

An useful website that offers great product to get rid of fruit flies. Lot of information about fruit flies, how to recognize them, what the product contains and how to use it are explained in full detail.

Lord of Fruit Flies is one of the best websites that I have come across in pest control category.

How to Identify Fruit Flies:

A key identifying character is its bright red eyes. The Fruit fly is about one-third the size of the house or filth fly. Body color is usually a light yellow to tan color.

There is no such thing as Fruit Fly Season. Fruit flies can enter your business or home at any time of the year.

In fact, some of the biggest restaurant and fast food companies call us for our fruitfly protection most during the winter months, when fly eggs travel in with shipments of fruit from warmer places.

Warm moist drains and breezy humid kitchens are magnets for fruit fly trouble. Even when it's cold outside and you think fruitflies are a thousand miles away.

How to Eliminate Fruit Flies:

1. Sanitation is the first measure of defense, it is necessary to eliminate the source in order to eliminate the flies.

2. The key to controlling these infestations is to locate and eliminate their breeding sources.

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