Thursday, January 04, 2007

How to detect if your employee is lying?

My husband’s friend is a HRD person. He frequently addresses corporate executives covering several HRD related topics.

He asked my husband to be on the look out or some interesting material relevant to his field.

My husband happened to stumble on to some very amusing stuff in the latest Reader’s Digest entitled “A guide to Body Language in the Office”.

I reproduce here some excerpts.

Eye contact:

Most of us are comfortable with a few seconds of eye contact, but anything longer can seem aggressive or intense. If your colleague looks away a lot, assume they are bored or perhaps they are shy.

Watch the feet:

If people start to copy you, it means they are open to your ideas. But if a person’s body and feet are turned away from you, even though they are looking at you, it means they’d rather be moving the way their feet are pointing.

Cross arms:

If you someone with their arms crossed, assume them to be defensive or negative even if they say they agree with you. Their critical stance will continue until they have uncrossed heir arms, so try to find out what’s bothering them or draw them out.

What their eye movement:

If a person’s eyes move up and to the left while you are talking to hem, they process information visually. If the eyes only move left, they think in terms of sounds, but eyes moving o the right and down indicates they learn through their feelings.

Do they tell a lie?

When someone is lying, they tend to become generally less expressive with their hands, but make a lot of shrugging and hand-t-face gestures. Hands or fingers covering the mouth indicate deceit-the brain is subconsciously telling the hand to suppress the deceitful words.

What their head conveys:

Tilting the head to the side indicates an interest in what’s being said. When they drop their heads, they are displaying a negative, judgmental or critical attitude. Using the hand to support the head suggests boredom has set in.

So, how do you like the stuff gentleman?

Courtesy: Reader's Digest

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