Friday, January 26, 2007

The generosity of Christpher Westra.

Imagine my emotion when I received a link from Christopher Westra totally free of cost to download all his e-books which are worth hundreds of dollars.

I received a total of 12 e-books which I have been wanting to buy but for the obvious reasons could do so.

Every e-book is invaluable for my spiritual journey and I already started reading the 'Affirmations' e-book. Man, what an e-book that is. I could not wait to lay my eyes on all other treasures.

As usual, I will share with my readers what affected me most positively. I promised Westra that, like him, I will also be a 'Light worker'. In fact that is the purpose of my life.

These are his other web sites:
His life slogan: "Increased Life For All".

Thank you very much Westra for your kindness and generosity.

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