Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Discover whats your spirit says about you.

Every person on the face of this earth, no matter who they are, where they come from, or even what religious beliefs they hold, are spiritually connected.

There are so many possibilities within us, many of which we have been programmed to believe just aren't possible. Our bodies and energetic systems are truly incredible! When we recognize and accept the "power within," there is NOTHING we cannot do including healing ourselves.

Lisa Gawlas offers an email psychic reading by asking you no questions, no birthday, no anything. She does not use any tools what so ever.

“You and I are connected by God.. In essence you can look at it that God is actually giving you your reading, I am just funneling the information thru me and giving it to you”.

Whatever you need to be aware of in your life, is what comes thru. There will always be time at the end of the reading (when the incoming information seems to stop or repeat itself) to ask any questions that may not have been answered thru the incoming information.

“By doing my readings this way, I allow God to speak first. Often times there are messages we just wouldn't ask to receive! I am not here to convince you I can do a reading, I feel my feedback speaks for itself, but to help you all I can in your life choices”.

I have rarely experienced such candidness as from Lisa. She is compassionate and brutally honest.

Read about her money back guarantee.

“MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - I stand 100% behind my readings and abilities. If after the first 15 minutes of the reading you are not happy with the reading in anyway, just tell me and we will end the reading and I will give you a full refund”.

“My life is dedicated to empowering you. To helping you remember who and what you are at all times.. a spiritual being”.

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