Thursday, December 14, 2006

The theory of reincarnation.

The theory of reincarnation is appealing for several reasons:
*it seems to offer an explanation for the inequalities of life,
*it can offer hope for those who desire a continuation of life and meaning beyond the lives we presently find ourselves in,
*it's an indication of a plan that overrides and controls our very existence.

But the theory of reincarnation addresses these concepts in meager and very unsatisfactory terms and at best one is left with only hazy ideas of how and why it all fits together. Still, it would be difficult to give up a belief in the theory unless there was something much better in place to substitute.

The Urantia Book goes into all the ramifications of these musings in great detail and with exquisite definition and lays out a plan of so much greater satisfaction, logic, meaning than any teachings of reincarnation attempt.

Actually, reincarnation is but a hazy reflection of a grand concept of the mortal ascendant career that we enter into once our life here is through, a concept disclosed long ago in the early days of human history that has since been misinterpreted to mean repeated lives here on earth.

Source: Truth Book
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Anonymous said...

Only someone who is not well familiar with the law of reincarnation could find it unsatisfactory. It should be rather said that that person finds unsatisfactory his or her own understanding of reincarnation. Do not belittle what you don't comprehend.