Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The smartest link building strategies I ever read.

After reading the web release entitled ‘how to build back links” by Ed Shull the founder of NetResults and the CEO of USWeb, I was green with envy.

To me he is the ultimate internet marketer with a knowledge that is not found anywhere.

He says, “After nearly ten years of working with large companies in the interactive space, and motivated by other business blogs, I decided to try to create a resource that would be truly valuable to companies looking for accurate information about Internet marketing”.

I would request you to read the full article leisurely because it is a gold mine. I take the liberty of sharing with you a few salient points of the web release.

Things to do for building back links:

First identify the terms you want to rank for. Then come up with similar terms that people may use in natural language. For example, if you want to rank for the term “bed sheets”, you should write down terms like “bedding” and “linens”. Now, place those terms in about 10 different phrases. For example, “I need to buy more bed sheets”, or “Before guests come, I like to lay out clean linens.”

Now that you have this information written down, let’s move on to tips on how to get people to link to you.

1. Directory submissions – I like to start here. Google regularly crawls directories like Yahoo and DMOZ. You can also get good links from and some other paid directories. Be picky on the directories you link to. Avoid submission services that will submit you to hundreds of link farms.

2. Friends and family – This is a common sense method of building links, but many people don’t think to ask. How many of your friends may have a blog that’s indexed into a search engine. A link from them would help you out.

3. Vendors and partners – If you are paying a vendor money every month, it would be a small favor to ask for them to link to your site. Doing a joint press release about your company using their product is a great way to do this.

4. Press releases – Trying to get the press to write about you can be difficult, but trying to get them to link to you is nearly impossible. Still, when it works, the link is great.

Don’t fail to read the full web release as there are much more useful tips.
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