Friday, December 29, 2006

Pay per post vs Performancing.

The email I received today from Pay per post announcing their acquisition of surprised me really.

I have a blog registered with since they launched but so far nothing fruitful came out of it. It may be due to my step motherly attention on them.

At the outset, I immediately thought it may be a good news for bloggers who are registered with pay per post.. Pay per post ‘s encouragement of bloggers to earn money from their blogs was not equally matched by This is my opinion only.

I see a lot of clarity in pay per post’s offers and the communication from them is most appreciated by its members. Among other players in the field of blog advertising, I rate pay per post as one of the best and most profitable to bloggers.

I am absolutely sure that pay per post will first revamp the website of and implement most of their own innovating plans to make the project a grand success.

I think more than the bloggers, the advertisers will be more pleased with this change; their expectations may really pose a challenge to

Pay per post is expected to come out with flying colors.

This is a sponsored post.

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