Sunday, December 31, 2006

Meet Lisa Gawlas.

I find pleasure to introduce to you a very good spirituality web site- "Conscious Living" made by Lisa Gawlas of Virginia.

This web site is designed to help people see and feel that there is so much more to a human being than meets the eye.

"There are so many possibilities within us, many of which we have been programmed to believe just aren't possible. Our bodies and energetic systems are truly incredible! When we recognize and accept the "power within," there is NOTHING we cannot do including healing ourselves."

I am very glad to find one more person in this world who shares exactly my same goal.

"My mission, gods mission thru me, is to teach anyone who wants to learn, really learn the way life was meant to be lived and experienced... to learn"-Lisa

Browse the web site fully and share it with like minded people.

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