Sunday, November 26, 2006

A starry attitude.

It is not every day that you know a film star who seems to show not her anatomy but only real social concern.

While opinion may differ about looks and beauty of a person, there cannot be a difference of opinion when someone cares for the social maladies.

History evidences popular people who are known to possess character and not personality measured in terms of charm, charisma and success. Mahatma Gandhi is a fine example.

This film star Nandita Das is just not known only for her acting portrayals but also for her social values. She says she has a mission outside Bollywood.

Das describes acting as "my journey, not my goal" and claims it is "a very little part of my life." She is known for being selective about the parts she plays, and her roles have been an uncomfortable reminder to some that there's more to India than the average all-singing, all-dancing extravaganza portrays.

She is committed to social causes, particularly those helping women and children, believes that film can be a powerful instrument for social change and regularly speaks on human rights issues.

I would say this is a ‘Star’ in the real sense. Read what CNN says about Nandita Das in their news report "Nandita Das in Delhi"

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