Saturday, October 14, 2006

Cosmetic surgery gets rid of antidepressants.

There is an interesting study conducted by plastic surgeon Bruce Freedman about the effect cosmetic surgery has on self-esteem, thereby helping people get off antidepressant medications.

I read the above news on There a few more reports such as
‘A Study says suicide rate higher on plastic surgery patients’, and ‘Lessons from liposuction tragedy’.

I think this website can be a very good resource for cosmetic surgeons.

Their directory has elaborate categories as follows:
Doctors / Physicians, Education & Training, Employment, Environmental Health, Fitness/Nutrition, General Health, Hair & care, Health Resources, Health Services, HealthCare Industry and Plastic Surgeons.

Apart from surgeons this directory can be very useful for nurses, beauticians, hair care specialists.

I noticed that physicians, doctors, surgeons, nurses, dentists, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals can also find or post jobs in the employment category.

You can also locate eminent surgeons by locations like New Jersey or Los Angeles.

There are quite a few very interesting articles on cosmetic surgery.
Dr. Thomas Jeneby has got good news for women who are contemplating a breast implant. He says they can opt for an adjustable breast implants.

A number of RSS feeds are provided that anyone in the cosmetic surgery field can make use of.
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