Saturday, September 23, 2006

Not enough traffic? Want a free marketing evaluation?

Not enough traffic? Want a free marketing evaluation?

This is a sponsored blog post for a website review about web design San Diego.
The San Diego based is your complete Online Business Development solution.

I wish I heard about them three months before. Had I entrusted my website to them I am sure I could recovered my internet marketing expenditure because of their past eight years record of having delivered the maximum return on investment to their clients.

I am writing here very briefly about their Plan and Services.
Carefully planned strategies combined with exceptional brand and consumer insight, they achieved wonderful results in a strong corporate identity with exceptional brand positioning.

One look at the wide range of services will speak volumes about their claim as the complete web solutions company.
*Corporate Identity
* Brand Positioning
*Strategic Planning
*Web Design Services
*Web Content Development
*eCommerce Web Design
*Internet Marketing Services
*Internet Advertising Company
*Search Engine Optimization
*Website Lead Tracking
*ROI & Conversion Improvement
*Brand Reputation Management

The website lead tracking was new to me, so I studied more on what they have to say about it. I am sharing with you in a short summary.

The plan of action in website marketing should include lead tracking to monitor the cost of advertising else we may end of in a cul-de-sac. Effective tracking means tracking every action on your site including lead, call, email, purchase and click tracking.

We also must plan to track exactly which ad the visitor responded to, whether it is by ‘Pay Per Click advertising’, a banner advertisement, an email blast or another ad serving platform.

By this way we can determine the click through rate (conversion rate) and gauge the overall effectiveness of each individual advertisement.

I had to spend about one hour on because of vast information about almost everything connected to internet marketing.

Avail a free marketing evaluation offered at their website.
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