Monday, August 07, 2006

What Freud says about shame.

Frued says shame produces neurosis.

We have seen in our life so many persons who were subjected to shame in various ways. There are deeply affected emotionally and psychologically.

Whenever you see a personality who is shy and withdrawn, you can guess them to be affected by shame. Psychologists attribute several causes like sex abuse, physique abuse, knowledge abuse, economic abuse for this.

I am recounting here my son’s behavior. He was constantly abused by his school teachers citing his poor hand writing, lean physique and so on.

At one stage he was so ashamed that he refused to go to school.

He showed all the symptoms like acting cruelly towards himself, accusing every other human in the vicinity for his lack of cheerfulness.

Would I fault him? Yes, to some extent. Obviously his consciousness
level was very low. But then you can’t expect a 14 year old to react differently when he was abused in front of his class mates.

So, you can squarely blame the teacher who failed to spot his positive qualities.

Trust me, I was also a school teacher, I never could forgive my colleagues who were so incompetent and immatured when dealing with students who are nearly 30 years younger.

They never realized that they are even developing even serial killers by constantly abusing so young kids and put them into shame.

If only the so called grown ups are exposed to the writings of Dr. David Hawkins, they will realize their folly.

Gratitude to Dr.David Hawkins for his book 'Power vs Force'

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